Willem Venter

Ph.D. in History of Art, North-West University, RSA

M.A. in History of Art, North-West University, RSA

B.A. in Graphic Design, North-West University, RSA


Dr Willem Venter teaches History of Art and introductory Graphic Design courses at the College of Arts and Creative Enterprises on the Abi Dhabi campus of Zayed University. After working as a graphic designer in the private sector, he transitioned to tertiary teaching, first in Graphic Design and History of Graphic Design at the Pearson Institute and later in History of Art at the North-West University, South Africa.

His love for representative figurative and landscape painting has led his research for many years. He has published and spoken internationally on Odd Nerdrum’s Kitsch movement and Jacques Rancière’s method of dissensus – topics related to his Ph.D. thesis Dissensus within dissensus: Odd Nerdrum's Kitsch movement and the aesthetic regime of Jacques Rancière. His latest research includes conference presentation and publication on the work of Pauline Gutter and interdisciplinary research and publication on intersecting aspects of emotion in figurative art and music.


Abu Dhabi - Khalifa City, Abu Dhbai


+971 2 599 3357

Teaching Areas

History of Art, History of Graphic Design, Graphic Design

Research and Professional Activities

Dissensus, Kitsch, Landscape Painting, Liminality, The Sublime

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