Maria Luisa Menano

Doctor of Philosophy, Ph.D. Southampton University, UK.


Maria Luisa holds a Ph.D. from Southampton University, UK. She has taught internationally in Portugal, UK and UAE. She has supervised and participated as a jury for the master’s degrees candidates at Fine Art Faculty, Porto University, Portugal.

Her creative practice embodies a wide range of disciplines, such as photography, sculpture, drawings, video, sound and installation, in the specialism field of memory, childhood memories, motherhood, diaspora, (des)colonisation.   

Presently she is researching the importance of integrating  Art and Technology in Education (STEAM), using critical and creative thinking to enhance the importance of creativity to promote innovation.

Some of her artwork is in private collections such as: Fine Arts Mahtma Gandhi Institute, Mauritius; Fundação PLMJ. Portugal; Biennale Vila Nova de Cerveira, Portugal.


Abu Dhabi - Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi

Teaching Areas

Visual Arts, Design and Media Foundation; Traditional and Contemporary Drawing; 3D (perspective) Drawing; Sculpture.

Research and Professional Activities

Integration of Art with an Interdisciplinary approach to foster Innovation; Culture and Identity; Art  as in a therapy approach.

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