Danah Nassief

Masters degree in Graphic Design

Danah Nassief, a native of Saudi Arabia, completed her bachelors degree in Graphic Design and Marketing followed by a masters degree in Graphic Design. Starting off her studies as a genetic engineer, she quickly realized that design is the field for her as she is able to engage both sides of her brain – the analytical and the creative. Danah worked as a part time design lecturer at Dar Al Hekma University in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and a full time Art Director before establishing her own practice as a brand identity designer and consultant. In 2016, after 9 years in the field, she joined CACE in the Graphic Design department. Through her work and teaching, Danah aims to play a positive role in the development of free thinking designers who have enough creative confidence and curiosity to experiment with different ideas, topics, materials, and tools. Danah also strongly believes in the power of design as a tool for social change and applies that to many aspects of her work and personal projects.


Dubai Academic City, Dubai


+971 4 402 1523

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Graphic Design

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