Ahmet Gökhan Numanoglu

BFA, Bilkent University, Türkiye

MA, The Basel School of Design, Switzerland

MFA, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA


Ahmet Gökhan Numanoglu is a graphic designer and an educator whose areas of expertise cover editorial design, branding, packaging, typographic practice and illustration. His research is centered around the following themes: information design, 16th-18th century Ottoman illuminated maps and paintings, 19th century Ottoman typography and classical Ottoman calligraphy. Prior to his career at CACE, he has taught as a full-time faculty member at various academic institutions in Turkey, Lebanon, Dubai and Sharjah. Also, he has worked as a designer and researcher in Turkey and Switzerland. He is a member of GMK - Turkish Graphic Designers Association.


Abu Dhabi - Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi


+971 2 599 3742

Teaching Areas

Typography, Editorial Design, Branding, Packaging, Illustration, Drawing

Research and Professional Activities

Ottoman Illuminated painting, Ottoman Calligraphy & Typography, History of Visual Communication, pictogram design, poster design, packaging, visual documentation.

Illustrations for a Children’s Book   Yagmurlu Sehirdeki Adam (Man in the Rainy Town), Kipat Publishing, ISBN 975-9005-06-9, Ankara – Türkiye

Novartis Campus Visual Documentation Project   In cooperation with Novartis & FHNW HGK Basel Visual Communication Institute, The Basel School of Design, Basel - Switzerland

Visual Identity Design   Cinéturc, Geneva Turkish Cinema Days, Organized by The Turkish Consulate in Geneva, Geneva - Switzerland

Visual Identity Design   Turkish Day in Switzerland, Organized by The Turkish Consulate in Geneva, Geneva - Switzerland

Illustrations for a Children’s Magazine   Mini Kumbara, Quarterly Publishing of Is Bankasi Turkey, ISSN 977 2146 432 007, Istanbul - Türkiye

Collective Exhibition   Bâtiment d’Art Contemporain, « Version animée 06 » Exhibition, Organized by CIA - Centre Pour l’image Contemporaine, Curated by Laurence Dreyfus, Geneva - Switzerland

Collective Exhibition   ImageLab Ornament and Design Exhibition, In cooperation with Eikones / NFS Bildkritik NCCR Iconic Criticism & FHNW HGK Basel Visual Communication Institute, Basel - Switzerland

Collective Exhibition   Belgeler(iz), Photographic Documentation Exhibition, Curated by Inanc Ilısulu, Halime Fisenk and Gökhan Numanoglu, Baskent University,  Ankara - Türkiye

Collective Exhibition   Bilkent University Graphic Design Department 1st Alumni Exhibition, In cooperation with Cermodern Modern Art Center & Bilkent University, CerModern, Ankara - Türkiye

Collective Exhibition   Edition 34th - Graphic Design Exhibition of GMK, Organized by Turkish Graphic Designers Society, Chamber of Architecs Karaköy Building Exhibition Hall, Istanbul – Türkiye


Honorable Prize   Lyceé Tevfik Fikret à Ankara / Prix d’Encouragement de la Langue Française, Année Scolaire 1997 1998, Ankara – Türkiye

First Prize   Corporate Identity Design for the Turkish pianist FAZIL SAY’s Oratorio, “NAZIM”, Ankara - Türkiye

Second Prize   IAA (International Advertising Association) Turkiye Headquarters, Interuniversity Advertising Competition, Istanbul - Türkiye

Bronze Award   CASE (The Council for Advancement and Support of Education Circle of Exellence),  Poster Category,  Washington DC - USA

Shortlisted  One of the Best 120 Posters of the Year, 100 Best Arabic Posters Competition 2016, Cairo - Egypt

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