03 Nov 2021

Exhibition info

The exhibition showcased work from first project of Drawing 1 course, were students worked on improving their observational skills through practice and skill building. Their work from direct observation, trying to develop work in both realistic and expressive way.

 Kasia Dzikowska


Exhibition Statement:


With safer environment and covid restrictions loosened this fall semester CACE students return to studios in full force to revive the passion for create the work. Seeing and drawing is a part of a daily life of all creatives.


I would like to invite you to see our work from Drawing 1 course where we revive our passion for drawing and creative practice as a group. In this exhibition you can see fully develop final pieces as well as sketches and practices. This exhibition is an opportunity to demonstrate that we never stop practicing our skills and developing them, regardless of the conditions. On the contrary, we must use it as a chance to learn as much as possible and further enhance our skills.


In drawing exercises, we created thumbnails, loose sketching techniques, and explore pencil charcoal and ink. I hope that you enjoy our journey through the topic of seeing.


Fay Alshaabi