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Signed Letter from the Father/Mother

Verification of Qualifications

Marriage, Birth and Custody documents

Driving License


A.  Passports

Prior to your arrival in the UAE, Human Resources will require a photocopy of each of the passports of the family members taking up residence in the UAE and the mother’s and father’s names for all (as specified on the Employee Information Form). This information is required in order to obtain an Employment Visa for the employee. (The Employment Visa is a temporary visa that allows the employee to work in the UAE until a Residence Visa is obtained.)  If there are any amendments to the passports after they are sent to Human Resources or if new passports are issued, make sure that you inform us and send us photocopies as soon as possible.  If Human Resources is not informed, delays in processing visas, extra fees, and perhaps even denial to enter the UAE may result as you must enter the UAE on the same passport on which your visa is issued.


If your passport is due to expire during your time in the UAE, you will probably be able to renew it at your respective Embassy or Consulate in the UAE

B.  Marriage, Birth and Custody documents

In order to process UAE residence visas for your family, we will need an attested copy of your marriage certificate to sponsor your spouse and birth certificates of your children only to sponsor your children (Attestation of Birth certificates of the employee or spouse is not Required).  For information on attestation by the UAE Consulate in your home country please click on the links below:
In the case of adoption or custody agreements, extra documentation may be required (see our Website at: ).

You are requested to bring these documents with you on the airplane. We will need them immediately on arrival to apply for the residence visas for your family.

C.  Signed Letter from the Father/Mother

Original birth certificates and a signed letter from the father are required for the female employee whose children will reside in the UAE without the father or where joint custody exists.  The originals or photocopies of each must be attested by a UAE Consulate.

The letter from the father/mother should clearly mention:

The child’s full name (as per the passport and birth certificate)
Date and place of birth
Passport Number

The letter should mention that the father/mother has no objection to his/her child(ren) living with you and residing in the UAE.

D.  Verification of Qualifications

As a government institution, Zayed University must verify your degrees and qualifications. Failure to produce the required documents will delay entering you into Zayed University’s payroll and is a requirement of employment.

E.  Driving License

Bring your home country driving license with you if you intend to drive in the U.A.E.

Residents of the U.A.E. can obtain a five-year U.A.E. driving license without having to take a driving test ( this is applicable for all faculties from any nationalities, as ZU have an agreement with the UAE traffic department to convert their home country driving license), and for the staff from one of the following countries:  UK, most European countries, Australia, New Zealand, United States of America, and Canada.  However, you cannot apply for your U.A.E. driving license until your residence visa has been processed, approximately three to four weeks after your arrival.  

**Please note that if you enter the U.A.E. on an employment visa, you will not be able to drive until your residence visa has been finalized and you have a U.A.E. driving license.  Fortunately, individuals, such as your spouse, who enter the country on a visit visa, can rent a car on arrival with an International Driving License, a temporary U.A.E. driving license or a G.C.C. driving license.

It is easy to buy, rent or lease a car and taxis are plentiful.  Abu Dhabi is quite a compact city and taxi fares are reasonable.  Dubai is quite spread out, however, and taxi fares can be very high.  Therefore, most people, particularly in Dubai do buy or lease a car.

Well-known car rental chains such as Budget and Avis have offices in the U.A.E. and offer daily, weekend and monthly rates. There are also a large number of new and used car dealerships. Prices for new vehicles are typically a bit cheaper than in North America.