About Us

About Campus Services 

The Campus Services department  was established as a Unit  in November 2003.  It provides comprehensive support for Zayed University's    administrative, travel requirements, event and  logistical operations . The department   strives to provide  superior  excellent customer service, backed by  a wealth experience and expertise.  We assure  the highest level of productivity and service delivery for  our clients,   both  internal and  external.  

The department is sub-divided into the following main units :

  • ZU Convention Center - it is the regions first purpose built convention facility that is open to the companies in the region to use for their prestigious events. The venue is modern, well equipped and cost effective alternative to using a more traditional conference space.
  • Travel Services - is a comprehensive service center for the University's travel requirements; ground transportation, hotel reservation and international travel. It also handles much of the logistics surrounding University events, distribution and control of mobile phones / blackberry units.
  • Business Centers - provide an array of administrative support for both staff and faculty as well as some services for the students.
  • Contract Services - manages the University service contracts, specifically  for food  and all other auxiliary services. We liaise with the University community and work with the vendors and  contractors to provide effective services.