Campus Services Employee of the Quarter Award

In ZU we like to establish a recognition program for individual staff personnel. Specifically, recognition is given to an "Outstanding Employee" four times per year.

The Employee of the Quarter Recognition Committee (EQRC) serves as a standing advisory committee of Campus Services Department whose purpose is to solicit and evaluate nominations, and make advisory recommendations to its Director regarding selection of individuals as the outstanding “Employee of the Quarter."

As a Standing Committee, the sponsor of the EQRC is the Director of Campus Services. The empowerment limits of the committee are to review, recommend, and advise the Director of Campus Services.  



Campus Services Employee of the Quarter - 

Year : 2013



January - March 2013  - Shakeel Ahmed

Shakeel has joined Zayed University 14 years ago as a Driver. He is very loyal and hardworking person with great sense of humor. He likes cricket, poetry, and facebook


April - June 2013 - Jarita Sebastian

As Travel Services Officer, Jarita is known to her excellent customer service skills, patience and immense flexibility. 

She's been with Zayed Univeristy since 2008. She likes listening to music and reading books.

Ummer_K Shamira_F

July - September 2013 -  Ummer Kandekattil & Shamirah Faleel

Ummer is one of the frst staff of Zayed Univesity who joined in 1998. He is hardworking and excellent customer service skills.

He likes playing badmintto, cricket and dancing.

Shamirah works as Senior Convention Center Officer. She displays huge amount of professionalism on her job.

She's polite and has very likable personality. She's with Zayed University for almost five years now.

She likes reading books and dancing.


October - December 2013- Noushad KM

Has grown professionally over the years. Always handles pressured and challenging situationswith ease.

A very hard working employee of the team and has always carried out the tasks assigned to him with diligence.

He ensures in providing excellent customer service to his clients.