How do I get stationary supplies?

Any  stationary you might need will be in the store that is located in wing C, ground floor. However, if the store is closed for some resaon and you have an urgent case, we might be able to provide you with some of the stationary.

How can I send a personal mail or courier and how much it will cost me?

Just give it to the mail counter. It will be stamped according to it's weight and posted via mail. The payment will be in cash. Registered mail is available for an additional payment according to the zone of the country. Items couriered will be charged according to their weight and destination plus a 10% Government Tax for overseas shipment. Courier charges will be deducted from your salary upon receipt of the invoice.

How do I track my mail?

The best way to track your mail is to send it registered or as a courier by aramex. There will be a tracking number on the envelope or the airway bill, which will be useful when sending confidential materials.

Where is my mail kept?

We receive mail daily from the post office, then it's directly delivered to your personal mail tray. However, upon your request we can hold your mail in the business center and arrange a proper storage until you collect it yourself. For instance, if you are on vacation , business trip , etc.

What is the procedure if I have a large qauntity of black & white photocopying?

The center has a form which one should complete. It has instructions on number of copies and how you want your documents to be collated. Please insure us enough time to complete large orders specially during periods leading up to exams, major campus events and start of the semesters.

Can the center staff scan a large amount of documents?

Documents and other materials (eg.images) can be scanned by business center staff or on a stand alone workstations by yourself. All scanners have page feeders for faster operation. The production capacity of phtocopier and scanner can also archive scanned documents for future retrievaland reprinting. Scanned documents can be edited with optical character resolution (OCR) software (Nitro) for later editing . This software does not operate on Arabic script.

What is the procedure for color printing?

The busniess center is equipped with a laser color printer for A4 and A3 printing. Requests for color printing should be given in hard copy or by email to dxb_buscenter@zu.ac.ae , and charges will be deducted from your department. Personal documents for color printing or copying is to be charged per our list of prices in cash.

Can I burn a CD and where can I get a blank CD?

The stand alone work stations in the business center are equipped with cd burners. Faculty are welcome to use these machines to back up their files. Writable CDs are available in the Business center. The blank CD can be provided either by any member of the business center team or the store.