What We Do

The Information Technology Department:

  • Consists of 57 full-time professionals who work within 3 units: Each unit contributes to promoting the mission of employees and students of Zayed University through the best computing, technical, and information services support/systems available;

  • Provides support for Zayed University staff, faculty and students through software development, system implementation, infra/networking maintenance, and IT/AV client support services;

  • Establishes and maintains IT infrastructure  &  smart  services  in  alignment  with government standards;

  • Develops and Implements IT business applications that enable efficiency, quality of services and intelligent/innovation for different users;

  • Works continuously with other sectors in search of best practices and services (Benchmarking);

  • Maintains and regularly improves all electronic IT/AV devices used within the University, including the servers, computers, smart mobile devices, telephones, and projectors, etc.

Unit Services:

Infrastructure and Network Systems:

This unit manages the infrastructure and network environment that allows all services, servers, server-based systems and applications to be hosted and accessible on all ZU campuses:

  • Wired and wireless network access (LAN)

  • Internet connectivity services (WAN)

  • Network firewall and security services

  • Network servers and storage services

  • Anti-spam and email system services

  • Telephone and Fax services

  • Network drives for file services

  • Server and Desktop virtualization services

  • Network management, monitoring and troubleshooting

  • etc.

Enterprise Technology Unit:

This unit manages and supports enterprise related software/applications for Zayed University (CAFO administration, etc.). It works closely with different ZU stakeholders for any enterprise related requirements/development/implementation:

  • ZU Internal Portal

  • Oracle HRMS

  • Banner Systems ( Finance, Recruiter, etc)

  • Cascade (ZU External site)

  • e-Forms Developments

  • Workflow based Applications (SharePoint)

  • ZU Policies and Procedures

  • SAHIM 2.0

  • Financial Aid


  • Document Management System

  • Library Management System

  • E-Dirham Gateway Integration

  • etc.

IT Client Services (IT Happiness Center):

This unit provides technology support to Zayed University faculty, staff, administration and students. The goal of the Client Services staff is to provide timely and appropriate solutions and to help our clients understand and use ZU IT resources to their fullest.

Service Desk

  • Campus wide desktop and laptop support

  • Incident life cycle management

  • Office and academic software deployment

  • Email client support

  • Printing, photocopying and scanning support

  • Software and OS upgrades and patching

  • Software license control

  • External storage for data backup

  • Password maintenance

Mac Support: Mac lab support

  • Mac laptop support

  • iPhone support

  • Mail configuration for hand held devices

Media Services

Video conference support / Classroom projector support / IT equipment loans

  • IT inventory control / Event support / Smart board support

  • Digital video conversion

  • Event Management and Support