What We Do

Financial Accounting Section      

  • Produces and delivers an accurate payroll monthly and coordinates with the Banks for the transfer of salaries. 

  • Manages the month-end and year-end closing processes, and provides functional oversight of common accounting tools. 

  • Financial Accounting is overall in charge of all general ledger transactions. 

  • Produces financial statements (on modified cash basis).

  • In charge of all payables transactions (employee expense claims, vendor payments, etc.)

  • Conducts Bank Reconciliation and ensures necessary action on any unreconciled items.

  • Provides Cashiering services. Handling collections, generates receipts and disbursements from Petty Cash.

  • Handles monthly contribution payment to the pension authority.

  • Conducts annual Inventory count thereby ensuring any discrepancies are addressed in a timely manner. 

Revenue & Accounts Receivable Section

  • Is Responsible to file Value Added Tax (VAT) return with the UAE Federal Tax Authority.

  • Overall is responsible for all billing services for tuition, fees, and other charges incurred by students. 

  • Manages and Collects payment for all university Accounts Receivables.  

  • Manages the University Wide “E Dirham Online” payment portal for tuition fees, business center payments & conferences online payments.

  • Manages University invoice issuance and collection of University’s dues.

  • Produces monthly Accounts Receivables reports.

  • Manages the Financial Aid Fund sponsors payments and monthly student’s stipends financial controller section.

Financial controller section

  • Produces annual set of accrual based financial statements in accordance with the International Public-Sector Accounting Standards (“IPSAS”).

  • Manages the external audit of accrual based financial statements.

  • Manages endowment accounting periodically and ensure investments and redemption are accounted for.

  • Responsible to provide research accounting services for Zayed University.

  • Validate Value Added Tax (VAT) return before submission to UAE Federal Tax Authority.

  • Other tasks that are directly or indirectly related to the work of Zayed University, as assigned by the Director of the Department.

Financial Planning and Analysis Section

  • Overall responsibility to prepare the budget for Zayed University and present the same to Budget Committee. 

  • Explains to units/departments/colleges how budgets are used within the University.  It also provides guidance on the main issues that should be considered when preparing budget(s). 

  • Monitors actual expenditure against budget and provides recommendation to Budget Committee ensuring optimal budget utilization at all times. 

  • Coordinate with the Ministry of Finance to make sure that the University adheres to government rules & regulations with regards to budget preparation. 

  • Prepare Financial reports & presentations to the ARCC & senior management including Budget progress and KPI’s.

  • Monitoring the budget vs actual, evaluate future needs of colleges and campuses and make appropriate recommendations for funds reallocation.

  • Manage the annual budget submission to the Ministry of Finance based on the approved Strategic Plan & the Ministry’s required set of guidelines.

  • Coordinate with HR in managing positions in line with Management’s directives and allocate the required budget.

  • Provide colleges & units with their respective Budget Status Reports; discuss any major deviations from the plan.