What We Do



The Facilities Management division within CPDS oversees Operations, Health and Safety, and Capital projects planning. This team ensures the upkeep of the physical infrastructure and fosters a secure and conducive work environment for faculty, staff, and students. The services provided encompass:

Building Operation and Maintenance:

Professionally licensed mechanics and skilled technicians offer maintenance services and manage building operations, including emergency response.

Housekeeping, Landscape and Security:

Our dedicated team provides 24/7 services to maintain campus cleanliness, enhance landscaping, and ensure security.

Recycling and Waste Management:

The Facilities department oversees waste management and recycling efforts on campus through certified entities.

Event Support:

Our experienced staff assists with events of varying sizes, offering services such as tent setup, provision of tables and chairs, temporary flooring, and more.

Campus Services:

ZU Convention Center

At both locations, ZU Convention Center (ZUCC) offers exceptional services to clients by establishing quality objectives and targets across all operational areas, prioritizing food safety in food delivery services. These venues are versatile, accommodating various events such as exhibitions, conferences, training sessions, seminars, and press conferences. For more information, please visit the website provided below.

Zayed University Convention Center

Travel Services

The Travel Services department serves as a comprehensive solution for all the University's travel needs, including ground transportation, hotel reservations, and international travel arrangements.

Please email TravelServices_DXB@zu.ac.ae for Dubai or TravelServices_auh@zu.ac.ae for Abu Dhabi to schedule travel requests. Reservation-auh@zu.ac.ae for all Hotel Booking

Business Centers

The Business Centers serve as your all-in-one destination for printing, binding, lamination, and scanning services. You can conveniently submit your printing requests using the link provided below or visit our Business Center locations situated on the Ground Floor of the Library Building in Dubai and the First Floor of the Library in Abu Dhabi. A discount portal is available to all ZU community showcasing various offers made available.

Please email dxb_BusCenter@zu.ac.ae for Dubai and auh_BusCenter@zu.ac.ae for Abu Dhabi

Campus Retail Management

Campus Retail Management oversees the University's service contracts, focusing on food and other supplementary services. We collaborate with the University community and partner with vendors and contractors to deliver efficient services.

Please email campservices-DXB@zu.ac.ae for Dubai and campservices-AUH@zu.ac.ae for Abu Dhabi

Fleet Management

All transportation requirement of the campus community is overseen by the Fleet management team. We provide daily shuttles across both campus. Our team also caters to wide variety of transportation request for student trips, and special visits.

Catering Service

To provide in house catering services for ZU community daily meals, for their meetings and events at both campus, in a high standard. ZU Convention Center