Abu Dhabi Campus


The Zayed University Abu Dhabi campus is situated in Madinat Zayed, Abu Dhabi, spanning across 77 hectares of land with a total area of 188,500 square meters. The campus features segregated facilities designed to accommodate both male and female students during core hours, with identical facilities that reflect each other.

The architect of the new AUH Campus drew inspiration from the desert landscape and traditional veils, incorporating these elements into the campus design. The architect's vision emphasizes the focal point of the campus, where the central functions are seamlessly connected, taking cues from the organic flow of the desert and the veil.

Functionally, shaded outdoor spaces encourage communication, while emotionally, the campus, nestled among other cultural and sports buildings, establishes a distinct global identity for academic excellence.

Operational since August 2011, the campus boasts cutting-edge, state-of-the-art facilities.

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Dubai Campus


The Zayed University Dubai Campus is situated in Academic City - Al Ruwayyah. Spanning across 70 hectares, the university complex has a total built-up area of 110,000 square meters.

The design for the campus was selected through a competition involving 11 international consultants specializing in educational establishment and college designs.

One unique aspect of the design is its ability to allow students to navigate the campus without exposure to the hot and humid weather conditions. Inspired by the concept of an oasis, the design centers around creating a central gathering area for university activities, reflecting the captivating desert environment. Additionally, the design prioritizes flexibility for future expansion.

Combining cultural influences with a postmodern aesthetic, the design employs elements that are both climate-sensitive and visually reflective of the desired image. Notably, a three-story atrium, nestled between the library building and academic wings, provides a climate-controlled environment covered with a tensile structure.

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