Abu Dhabi Campus


The Zayed University Abu Dhabi campus is located in Madinat Zayed in Abu Dhabi.  It is housed on a land area of 77 hectares with a total area of 188,500 sq.m. The built-up area features a segregated campus that can accommodate both males and females during the core hours but in separate and identical facilities that mirror each other.

The designer of the new AUH Campus was inspired by the dessert and the veil and chose to reflect these two within the design of the campus. The designer’s vision states: “The new campus finds its emphasis in the distinct marking of the focal point. Formally, the central functions of the University are linked organically – inspired by the flowing forms of the desert and the veil. Functionally, the integrated, shady outdoor spaces activate communication. Emotionally, the academic establishment in the neighborhood of further large buildings devoted to culture and sport, gains an image of its standard that is distinguishable the world over.”

The campus became operational in August 2011 and boasts impressive state-of-the-art facilities, which include the following spaces :

  • 413 classrooms/quiet study areas/laboratories

  • 325 administrative offices

  • 764 faculty & college administration offices

  • 217 meeting & breakout rooms

  • Varied sizes of auditoriums (convention center auditorium capacity of 1000 persons and library auditoriums capacity of 400 and 200 persons respectively)

  • Cafeteria that can cater to 2325 persons at any one time

  • 31 retail spaces of various types and sizes for different types of retail mixes

  • Large library with 5 floors – functionally designed for efficient segregation and time-sharing

  • Fitness facility with spaces designed for multiple sporting activities and a half-sized Olympic pool

In addition to the above, the ZU Abu Dhabi campus has the following:

  • 2 residential blocks – one for males and one for females, each being able to accommodate 67 students

  • Daycare Center

  • The campus capacity accommodates a total of 6,000 students, approximately 70% Female and 30% male. The campus has been functionally designed to allow easy expansion in the event of growth. Two parties share the responsibilities of facilities management of the Abu Dhabi Campus. These parties include ZU CPD and JBI/Serco. Each of the parties have distinct roles and responsibilities that are known to the users of the campus.

Dubai Campus


  • Zayed University Dubai Campus is located at Academic City - Al Ruwayyah. The university complex is constructed on an area of 70 hectares with a total built up area 110,000 sq.m.

  • The design was chosen through a contest among 11 international consultants that were specialized in designing educational establishments and colleges.

  • The design is unique in the sense that the students can move around inside the campus without being exposed to the hot and humid weather conditions. The design concept was based on the Oasis idea to be the heart of the project, which reflects the amazing desert environment and serves as a central gathering area for university activities. The design is very flexible for future expansion as well.

  • The design reflects both a cultural idea in a postmodern envelope. The elements used to express the external facades of the buildings were sensitive to the climate and the image, which needs to be reflected. A three-storey atrium was created between the library building and the academic wings which is climate controlled and covered with tensile structure.

The campus consists of 6 main buildings:

  • Administration Building: G+2 floors

  • Convention Center: G+2 floors

  • Dining Building: G+2 floors

  • Library Building: G+2 floors

  • Academic Building: G+2 floors

  • Gymnasium Building: G+1 floor

  • The space capacity of the current complex is 4000 students