Zayed University team wins Assistive Technology competition


March 01, 2017

The 4-day hackathon for 48 students as Code-Camp of the second edition of the Assistive Technology Competition (At Educom) has completed with the announcement of Zayed University as winner and team from Sharjah University as Runner-up.

The project on Zayed University team that won the competition was ‘Mubser’, an application to assist visually impaired people while the Sharjah University’s application was ‘Takhatta’ for autistic people.  

The Code-Camp concluded at Sharjah Chamber of Commerce & Industry on Sunday as the final phase of the competition At Educom. Students from 7 local universities comprises 10 Emirati teams along with ten Korean students participated in the designing of assistive applications organized by the Assistive Technology Center, SCHS in association with the Quality of Life Technology Center at Seoul National University supported by LG Electronics.

The ceremony was attended by Sheikh Fahim Bin Sultan Bin Khalid Al Qasimi, Executive Chairman of the Department of Government Relations, Patron of the Ceremony; Sheikh Khalid Bin Ahmad Al Qasimi, Director General e-Government Department; Professor Sang-Mook Lee, Chairman of the Quality of Life Technology Centre at Seoul National University; professors and deans from the participating universities; students from Emirati and Korean universities and colleagues from the Assistive Technology Centre, SCHS.

Rabab Abdul Wahab, Head of the Assistive Technology Center, SCHS lauded the efforts of students and patrons to participate with extensive ideas and broad expertise gained in the field of assistive technology from the onset of this significant initiative in its two editions. “This is confirmation and proof of the righteousness of what we are doing and our continuous striving for further innovation in assistive applications which makes the lives of those differently-abled individuals simpler and brings them closer to their community in all its scientific, cognitive and even service resources,” she added.

She added that they would see that the continuation of this competition, which was launched two years ago, and to which we are today the witnesses to the closing of its second edition, is sufficient proof as to the correctness of our joint aims and keenness through which we renew our commitment and obligation to the development and provision of modern technology and assistive applications to meet the needs of differently-abled individuals of all kinds.