Zayed University students set an inspiring example in innovation


January 27, 2016

When love and pride meet hard work and creativity, amazing things are often the result. A talented group of male students at Zayed University in Abu Dhabi campus are an inspiring example of this.

This group of like-minded creative young men from the College of Business and the College of Communications and Media Sciences formed the Spots Multimedia club in 2012 and have been developing innovative projects since. This past fall they embarked on an ambitious project for the UAE Innovation Week – a pixelated portrait of the founder of the United Arab Emirates and of the University they attend, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

Starting with a detailed plan, the young men led a team of 70 students over 96 hours to hand paint 7,225 individual blocks of wood of varying lengths, to create a dynamic 3D portrait of a man who still inspires the citizens and residents of the UAE to reach for the stars. The pixels represent the ecosystem of the UAE – where one pixel does not define the whole, rather all the pieces working together do. The dominant use of green is meant to symbolise peace, blue for rest and black to represent sorrow. The work of art represents their sincere wish that Sheikh Zayed may forever rest in peace.

The students said that “It's not just a beautiful design, It's a beauty that emerged from selection, passion, teamwork, integration and love.” Of course their inspiration was described as “Sheikh Zayed, through his vision, brought unity to the United Arab Emirates. Today, his memory continues to bring us together for a common goal”.

Dr. Fatima Al Darmaki, Assistant Provost for Students Affairs, said: “Angle of Zayed is a masterpiece. I have not seen anything like it. Our male students at Zayed University, Abu Dhabi campus are very talented. Through this piece of work, a group of students demonstrated creativity, innovation, teamwork, love for the leaders of UAE, and hard work. They were amazing and for that they won the well-deserved first award of the First Student Innovation Competition 2015-2016. I am really proud of them and their accomplishment.”

Innovation is not only about inventions – it is about new ways of working together to reach a new kind of goal. For the young men of the Spots Multimedia club they certainly demonstrated, innovation, talent and a passion for demonstrating their love for the founding father of the United Arab Emirates.

Names of the students who led the project:

Saoud Yousif Al Shammari

Malek Mohammed Al Hammadi

Saleh Nasir Bin Hallabi

Salem Khamis Al Mahrouqi

Abdullah Darwish Jaddawi

Nasir Al Mansouri

Abdullah Al Burkani

Masoud Al Hosani

Abdelulqadous Foad

Ahmed Al Burkani

Fahed Al Hosani

Othman Al Hamed

Amer Al Kendi

Ahmed Al Jenabi

Salem Khaled Bin Beshr

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