8 initiatives proposed on the second week of UAE Innovates 2022

08 Feb 2022

Zayed University starts the second week of the UAE Innovation month with 8 initiatives, all lined up to educate students and participants about latest innovations offered by faculty members and staff through virtually held workshops.

The second week initiated with an interesting workshop titled ‘Innovation Courses Challenge’ where students took 3 courses offered by the AGFE Young Thinkers Platform under the Innovation Theme to enhance their employability, the workshop was held in partnership with Abdulla Al Ghurair Foundation for Education and Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization. Then the "Innovate your Career Success" was held to prepare students for internships and career opportunities by enhancing their CV, Job Search Process, Interview Skills, Professionalism. Also, this week is scheduled to host Features success stories of ZU alumni Innovators, under the

“Alumni Innovations: Inspiration & Impact” workshop.

Additionally, a panel discussion on “Science Simulations” will be held this week to focus on Research, Design and the use of Interactive Simulations to enhance students’ understanding of effective tools for learning and participation in scientific experiments. In addition to a panel discussion on Advantages of Open Access Publishing and ZU Scholars; to achieve better educational outcomes.

The week concludes with a discussion session entitled: “Innovative constructions on Mars using sulfur concrete,” and another that deals with the introduction of a number of innovative ideas such as: the Virtual Business Card, which ends the principle of dealing with paper or plastic business cards, as it is fully embedded within smart phones. And finally, the Learning Style Assessment for Better Educational Outcomes workshop which is being organized by the Student Accessibility Services Department to support Students of Determination towards the weekend.

Prof. Clayton MacKenzie, Provost, said: “In the context of our endeavor to participate in the Emirates Innovates 2022 national initiative, we have established high guarantees of quality and excellence through our innovative initiatives for this year, which numbered over 30 projects and initiatives.” He added, “I am confident that the set of events and initiatives that we’ve organized during the month of innovation, will contribute to the nationwide advancement and development plans in the near future through the enlightenment of our students and young leaders.”