Faculty member on a mission to counter obesity in the UAE

21 Jun 2021

Dr. Khadija Al Ameri, Faculty member from the College of Business, Zayed University, was awarded 2nd Prize for Best Business for 2020 from the Abu Dhabi Women Business Council. She is well noted for her entrepreneurial skills to serve her objectives of countering obesity in the UAE and guide the students and citizens to a healthy lifestyle.

Through her app ‘ingFit’ Al Ameri notes that visitors experience easygoing access to healthy food products, as well as obtaining healthy food consultations from world renowned experts.


She developed the app to raise awareness on health and the healthy eating to be obtained as a lifestyle where students can get all healthy food delivered to them wherever they are in UAE with a click of a button.

"With the global pandemic in one hand and the body’s need for stronger immunity on the other, the optimal choice is healthy food that enhances the body’s immunity, which will contribute to controlling diabetes and fighting obesity, which are considered one of the strongest causes of weak immunity towards Covid-19," Al Ameri said.

There are students who unfortunately suffer from type 1 and 2 diabetes, and I want to help them with a life away from sugar, which under such circumstances triggered me to develop an app based on interaction with students

Khadija has also lectured multiple members from ZU to encourage them to purse their dreams and work on their ideas to develop their owen buisnesses and become future entrepreneurs. Robyn Albers, Senior Instructor from the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, who is a regular customer, said : "The Kouris olive oil is amazing. It tastes like I am in an olive grove. Also, the delivery is incredibly fast. I’ve lost 7kgs thanks to INGFit.ae". INGFit UAE is also known for their superior local products that are made in the UAE such as the INGFit KETO chocolates, INGFit keto bread mixes, INGFit natural sweeteners and more. Dr. Khadija is very happy and proud to have been blessed to contribute to the health of our nation.

 Al-Amiri worked hard to achieve this success, and thanked the great government support to its young citizens who wish to set up their own projects and business.