Center Awarded Most Empowering Female Entrepreneurship Center

16 Feb 2020

Zayed University was recently awarded the 'Center Awarded Most Empowering Female Entrepreneurship Center' by the UAE Business Awards 2020 for offering progressive development mechanisms that produced successful student companies from all majors and colleges.

This awards program honors the enterprises and individuals behind innovations and inspirations that drive increasing growth and development; developments that have assisted in establishing the Middle East as a global knowledge-base and leading destination for new initiatives.

The award celebrates the best firms, teams, and individuals who have worked tirelessly through the course of the year, providing the best products and services in one of the most affluent and influential business regions in the world.

Dr. Wasseem Abaza, Director, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center at Zayed University, was pleased with the results, saying that it marks a fantastic achievement for Zayed University following 12-months of dedication and hard work.

“Our Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (IEC) focuses on graduate student entrepreneurs and promote a culture of Innovation and Entrepreneurship within the University. We are committed to helping students achieve their full potential through personal and Entrepreneurial development as well as opening new opportunities for future growth through a multi-disciplined lens,” Abaza said.

He also added that the IEC seeks further to integrate Innovation and Entrepreneurship activities, initiatives, curriculum, and extra-curricular programs while maintaining a culture of collaboration, tolerance, and positivity.

“Our center is open to all students and alumni of Zayed University across both campuses. We strive to be an agent of transformation, combining innovative ideas with the entrepreneurial spirit, and translating them into action,” he added.

It’s worth mentioning that the University’s College of Business designed an 11-month sub-training program in entrepreneurship that the center would provide to all university students, of all specialties, with the main specialization in the college in marketing and entrepreneurship. This comes in line with Zayed University’s objectives to mask the sixth article of the e Fifty-Year Charter by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, for having Free Economic and Creative Zones in Universities