The PALs Program is proud to announce the re-launching of its virtual support program (VPALs)

22 Oct 2019

PALs will now be able to offer virtual on-line academic support to ZU students and the community at large.

To ensure the safety and security of our students in the virtual world, each VPAL will be using an avatar and have access to a dedicated VPAL e-mail address. The avatars are designed to protect the students’ identities (including gender and nationality). The V-PALs e-mail address provides a secure form of communication and ensures the V-PALs personal email is not compromised. In addition, all V-PALs have received cybersecurity training.  V PALs generally are online in the evenings/nights and/or at the weekends and use secure online chat rooms and virtual whiteboards to ensure smooth and effective transferring of content.

To contact a VPAL, a student will use the link or the QR code (below) to sign up to see what courses and support are available.

The link for all information concerning the VPALs is