Zayed University Launches AuthorTalks to Encourage Reading

26 Mar 2019

Zayed University marked the nation-wide ‘Month of Reading’ initiative with over 15 events, activities, and placed many efforts to turn the university campus into a reading oasis. All to enrich the trend across both campuses; in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

The University administration, moreover, always drive its student to take various forms of culture and knowledge that enable them to develop their personalities and empower them as future thinkers and researchers. The University also promotes the academic and extra-curricular activities that help achieve these goals.

The Library & Learning Commons Department inaugurated the ‘AuthorTalks’, a new series commencing throughout the 2019 academic-year, in which book authors and Book talkers excite the audience to read the book by initiating a stimulating start. Author talks are traditionally conducted in a classroom setting for students and other readers.

Zayed University hosted Daniela Tully who has been working in the field of storytelling for decades, mainly in film and television. She glamoured the audience with her suspenseful and compelling debut novel "Hotel on Shadow Lake," which was published in North America, the UK, the British Commonwealth, Serbia, and France. She began her career working with famed film director Uli Edel  (known for films such as Last Exit to Brooklyn and the Oscar-nominated Baader Meinhoff Komplex), learning the craft of film making on sets all over the world.

Followed by Nouf Jumaa, Zayed University employee and graduate, author of "I am a Woman, But" described the initial career-steps into the world of writing, and urged students to take reading as a priority, and dive into the world of books, as it opens new horizons.

Nouf Almazmi, "Arthiki Eshqan” author, revealed her bullying agony during her time at the university, she stressed that reading helped her overcome the pressure and that writing is a fundamental factor in psychological comfort and overcoming many of the difficulties in life.

Many reading sessions were held by the students in cooperation between the Department of Students Leadership and the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. It included a Booktalk by student Anoud Mansouri of  ‘Sophie’s World’ a novel about the History of Philosophy by Jostien Gaarder. Another talk on  with student Sheikha Saleh, about ‘Rare Cases’ book by Kuwaiti Psychiatrist, Abdul Wahab Sayed Al-Rifai. Moreover, a lecture entitled "Is Arabic the best language?" was presented by Dr. Faris Ali, he highlighted the strengths of the Arabic language and its uniqueness to anthropology. Another lecture introduced the ‘Golden Tips’ of how to enjoy reading, addressed by members of the ZU Reading Club.

A "Reading Challenge" competition was launched for all students and staff to read 10 books within two months, share book-reviews via social mediums to encourage others to read it as well. Winners will be announced by the end of April 2019.

It’s worth mentioning, over 200 Zayed University students took part at the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature, where people of all ages and backgrounds come together with different authors from across the world to promote education, debate and above all else, develop the love of reading and writing.