Students Develop Solutions That Help and Protect The Society

01 May 2019

The College of Technological Innovation (CTI) has recently hosted the Senior Project Exhibition Day (SPED@CTI – Spring 2019), during which senior Zayed University students present their graduation projects.

The event saw 17 projects conducted by 36 students where they took on projects relating to artificial intelligence, mobile applications, drone technologies, dedicated Year of Tolerance websites. There three research projects in Forensic science and information security.

“Most of the students in the CTI are taking on the Information Security direction,” said Dr. Omar Alfandi, Assistant Dean for Students Affairs and Associate Professor at CTI. “However, we’ve added new majors that add to the directions of UAE’s future tech-led aspiration such as Business Intelligence, and Web & Mobile Applications Development,” he added.

Alfandi informed that there are four projects presented from CTI at the exhibition, two of which were selected to represent Zayed University at the 1st National Computing Competition For University Projects at King Saud University in Riyadh, KSA, which starts May 1, 2019, and the remaining will be presented in the 2nd World Congress on Undergraduate Research (World CUR 2019), which will take place at the University of Oldenburg in Germany on May 25, 2019.

Dr. Hany El Kadi, Dean, College of Technological Innovation said that lots of those projects are for senior students and once they graduate some of these projects will be moved on further by incubating them as they promise to be fruitful soon. “Some of these projects can help the society, some of which are related to identifying fake news, identity theft, or even tracking your lost child for example.”

Dean of Graduate Studies at Zayed University, Dr. Nagi Wakim, explained that the university is on the move to attract such bright minds to complete their studies at the university. “I was interested in a couple of projects the event, especially those dealing with artificial intelligence and face recognition. I believe that Graduate Studies Deanship might expand its case to enclose these two important areas and develop undergraduate programs with the help of CTI, which aids in the recruitment process and attract these students to continue their studies here at Zayed University.”

“There are exciting ideas here at the event, some of which I believe are ready for commercialization to inoccupation, while other could potentially be a further research on the graduate studies level, and we have the capacity to providing more opportunities for the student to complete what they’ve started here at Zayed,” he added.   

Cleaning Drone System

Alyaziah Ali AlKaabi, a senior student from the CTI, presented during her participation a prototype development plan for a Cleaning Drone System. “According to a recent case study, every day over 8500 window washers around the world lose their lives for such a dangerous job. This Drone Automated System is a system that would clean the outer surface of the buildings.”

“Due to the safety of human beings, time constraints and other environmental and financial concerns, this project is an excellent idea and very necessary in the UAE in the presence of high rise towers. My prototype is an automated system implanted to a device that does the cleaning without any human intervention,” AlKaabi said.

iSpy App

Sara Mohammed and Reem Saleh developed and implemented the iSpy app which enables parents to monitor their children’s activities. “Being a parent myself brings not only much happiness but also a huge responsibility during my child’s mental growth and safety, especially in these days when technology is rapidly developing, and unfortunately children are more susceptible to the hidden dangers and risks on technology,” Saleh said.

Mohammed explained that the app has four main functionalities, “Monitor incoming and outgoing calls with the time and duration recorded in the child’s device, block unwanted numbers, locate the child’s location by GPS facility, and last but not least monitor the social media apps used the child.”

RFID Dark Market

Shaikha AlDarmaki and Aysha AlShamsi, students from CTI, created a blocker for Radio Frequency Identification systems. “We have noticed that the RFID scanner can easily extract sensitive information, from example, bank atm cards. As we searched about this topic we have observed that all products that currently in the market are not practical and are not a popular such as metal wallets. Therefore, we have decided to create a system that can block the card from unverified RFID readers, something practical and easy to use. As technology is developing, people personal belonging are more likely to be stolen, therefore we are optimistic that this project will have an impact on the community.”