The 18th Chinese Bridge Chinese Proficiency Competition Held for UAE University Students

07 May 2019

10 Students from four UAE major Universities joined the 18th Chinese Bridge Chinese Proficiency Competition recently, and the announced winners will meet hundreds of other international participants in the finals in China.

This large-scale international competition was sponsored by Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban). Since its launch in 2007, this annual event has been held consecutively for 11 years and attracted a considerable number of students from more than 140 countries to join over 550 Confucius Institutes spread worldwide. Two of which are in the UAE, one center located at the Zayed University Abu Dhabi Campus, and the other at the University of Dubai.

The event, which was organized at Zayed University, welcomed his excellency the Chinese Ambassador, Ni Jian, who was received by Dr. Abdel Mohsen Onsy, Associate Provost and Chief Academic Officer.

“This is a significant competition, as it encourages local students to learn Chinese and its rich culture, which is considered a kind of exchange between both countries, China and the UAE,” Ni said.

“We know that many Chinese students are learning the Arabic language at Zayed University, and on the other hand, we tutor local students with Chinese. This experience is a unique process of sharing both our cultures, language, and prospects, which in turn increases cooperation, business and tolerance between the two countries,” he added.

Du Wei, Chinese director of Confucius Institute at Zayed University, said “The UAE Ministry of Education has ordered that all public schools and private schools should implement the Chinese Language, that why we organize the contest. The winner will represent the UAE to go to China and compete with contestants from all over the world.”

“Our major function at the Confucius Institute is providing language, culture and serve as a bridge to facilitate the admired cooperation,” she said.

Students during the event presented a speech dedicated to the year of tolerance in the Chinese language, then moved on to theoretical tests to answer some questions about Chinese history, then finally performed practical tests relating to traditional Chinese skills by playing musical instruments, calligraphy and arts, Chinese tea and incense preparations.

Altogether five students participated from Zayed University in both campuses, two from New York University Abu Dhabi, two from Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi, and one from UAEU.

The first prize winner was Atoka Jo, a Japanese student from New York University Abu Dhabi. The second prize winner (2 participants):  Norah Al Johani, Saudi Arabian, from Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi and Veronika Radinorsha, Ukrainian, from New York University Abu Dhabi.

The Third prize winner was Roudha AlHameli, Emirati, from Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi, and Khulood Saeed Almenhali, Emirati, and Maryam Ahmed Al Marri, Emirati, both from Zayed University.

An appreciation award went to the rest of the participants, namely Maei Saif Al Ramahi, Emirati student from Zayed University, Afra Hamad Al Shamsi, Emirati, from Zayed University, Shamma Ahmad Al Marri, Emirati, from Zayed University, and Rashid Alqaydi, Emirati from UAEU.

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