Human Resource Development Forefronts Zayed University Future Strategies

11 Feb 2018


Zayed University forefronts human resources development and productivity, applying henceforth, multiple employee training programs, workshops, and tutorials in line with the annual training strategies adopted by the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources, said Prof. Reyadh AlMehaideb.

The Vice-President of Zayed University stressed that positive work environments conduce motivation amongst employees, promotes job satisfaction and efficiency. “Zayed University reputes as a leading entity to crowd a lineup of effective and confident human resources equipped with an outstanding relationship and communication abilities, all to ensure the vision of our wise leadership to advance services delivery and master all challenges.”

This came during the second Institute of Leadership and Management Annual Qualification Ceremony, which recently took place at Zayed University. His Excellency handed the ILM qualification certificates to 33 outstanding Zayed University employees for completing their course requirements.

“Zayed University foresees the immense value in attaining the ILM qualification to both employees and the university itself. It upscales Zayed University employees as successful leaders, motivates and engages team members, and improves self-confidence to manage relations,” AlMehaideb said.

The ILM is one of many prestigious partners listed in the Zayed University International Certificate Programs, to deliver internationally recognized training programs. ILM is considered the largest awarding body for leadership and management qualifications, it offers a wide range of qualifications covering all aspects of leadership and management, along with specialist programmes in coaching and mentoring, HR and enterprise.

Zayed University has partnered with many other prestigious associates, namely, the IFS School of Finance, which provides extensive, bespoke professional and degree-level education programs to banks and other financial organizations, designed to ensure that the next generation of managers understands the wide range of risks and challenges facing the financial services industry.

Moreover, Zayed University has partnered with the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) to provide students with a certificate and comprehensive understanding of strategic management, workforce planning, human resource development and organizational development. In addition to the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) that offers preparation courses for The Certified Management Accountant (CMA) credential, it is designed for candidates who wish to prepare for the IMA certification exam as well as for management accounting and finance professionals seeking the latest industry practices and seek to expand knowledge and skills in the accounting and management fields.