Zayed University Happiness Course Attracts Hundreds

02 Nov 2018


Hundreds of secondary-level school students were drawn towards the recently launched Zayed University Happiness Course during their partake at the 12th Najah Exhibition, UAE’s leading Higher Education event, running from October 31 to November 2 in Abu Dhabi.

Held at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center (ADNEC), Zayed University visitors’ were informed of the 16-week "Happiness Course," which was launched in September 2018 and offered by the university for the first time as a major course. “It Examines means to amplify students happiness, teaches them techniques of mastering the fundamentals of positive psychology, and how to transfer all that learning into their roles as future leaders," said Dr. Belkeis Al Tareb, Dean of the University College at Zayed University.

During the participation at Najah, she mentioned that Zayed University aims to raise awareness about the new course now and in the coming exhibitions, "We want to attract newcomers to bask in a delightful educational journey, starting with a Happiness Course, which was carefully crafted by the UAE National Happiness and Quality of Life Programme. It is essential to equip students with the spirit of motivation and aid their dreams chase and help build the suitable educational path accordingly," she said.

12 dedicated professional educators, within both campuses, are committed to tutoring the Happiness Course, Al Tareb said. "We are currently recruiting more for this course due to the rising demands, teachers have several academic disciplines or professional specializations. They are experts in Psychology, social science, and general-education."

Ahmed Khalifa Al-Khayeli, 18, a secondary level student at Al-Nahda School, said, "Hearing about the course today at the Zayed University booth made me doublethink joining other universities. It is a brilliant approach and might push many students to study and proceed with different higher education stages."

Speaking to students about the course, Hussien Obeid Bu Kasha, 18, Grade 12, Al-Bateen School, said, "Honestly, and maybe the happiness course might change my mind to join a field that I never realized I needed. Overall, I think it is a positive approach; it has grown my interest in Zayed University." "So far, I am interested in pursuing a career in Security and Networking Technologies, and Zayed University's College of Technological Innovation seems to be the right fit."

Ghurair Al Qubaisi, 17, a Secondary level student at Al Nahda School, said, "A Happiness course seems a bit unusual, I never thought there might be a course with its materials related to 'How to be Happy.' How is it taught even? How are we examined? I'm interested in joining such a new teaching method, as all subjects, we have taken so far in school, focus on materials and others achievements or discoveries, nothing related to ourselves, how we feel or how we understand our environment."

Zayed University strengthened its participation in the initiative by preparing 56 schools to adopt the course, involving around 2,030 university students from Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The university has made the course a part of its general education requirements for its students, who are currently working in various groups on around 500 projects related to improving quality of life.

Najah has primarily driven towards offering fresh graduates, job seekers, and school students the chance to enhance their professional skills and look for higher education and career opportunities. The three-day exhibition featured over 160 stalls dedicated to national and international universities and institutes from over 20 countries worldwide and had attracted thousands of students this year.

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