Zayed University launches InveSlamic Club to promote Islamic economics and ethical finance


December 6, 2016

In line with Dubai’s ambition to become a hub for Islamic economics and finance, a group of around 200 students at Zayed University launched the InveSlamic Club in an event held recently at Abu Dhabi campus.

Dr Marilyn Roberts, Provost at Zayed University, and Suzanna El Massah, Assistant Professor at the College of Business and founder of the InveSlamic Club, inaugurated the two-day event in the presence of a large number of Zayed University students.

The event saw various interactive stations that showcased the difference between conventional and Islamic banking and other games to indicate students’money management skills.

Professor Suzanna said: “Although the InveSlamic club started only two months ago, we succeeded to hold enormous interactive activities, workshops, and lectures delivered by prominent guest speakers, which aimed at enriching Zayed University Community’s practical knowledge and improving students’ capacities, skills, and experiences in Islamic economics and ethical finance as a driving force of sustainable development.”

She added: “Zayed University is always keen on preparing qualified graduates who can fulfill the UAE labour market requirements, which is in dire need for experts and specialists in Sharia-compliant banking industry that is growing rapidly.”

According to recent statistics released by Dubai Islamic Economy Development Center, around 8,000 Islamic finance experts are needed in order to foster an Islamic economy and enhance Sharia-compliant banking institutions.

Students expressed their excitement to be part of the InveSlamic Club at Zayed University.

Latifa AlSubousi, President of InveSlamic Club and senior student at the College of Business, said: “At Zayed University, we studied various courses including an Islamic finance course that was designed to particularly give us an insight into the building blocks of Islamic finance, one of the fastest growing segments of the global finance industry and a highly wanted profession in the UAE.”

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