Zayed University nurtures the brightest entrepreneurial talents


April 09, 2015

Zayed University graduate Khulood Al Saiqal’s out-of-the box approach to entrepreneurship is what makes her a successful businesswoman.

Following years of studies at the College of Business, Zayed University has empowered and encouraged Khulood to start up her own business, find passion in the field of entrepreneurship, and overcome business challenges to elevate the nation’s economy.

Khulood’s top priority was establishing a store that serves students with busy schedules at Zayed University

Dukkan, which is a grocery located in the female promenade in Abu Dhabi campus, started by a 2010 Zayed University graduate and created specifically with students’ interest in mind. It sells chips, chocolates, sandwiches, juices, snacks and hot drinks.

According to Khulood, the grocery first started as an initiative to help students preoccupied with their studies to have access to a grocery store, particularly during busy times of the year and exam periods. Therefore, Dukkan store was launched in December 2012.

 “Two years after my graduation. I thought of starting up my own business. My family has encouraged me and supported the idea, especially my father, who gave me a great push to succeed. I was thinking of establishing a small grocery store that can offer all what students need on a daily basis, as there were no groceries available on campus when I was a student,” Khulood, 28-year-old alumna, explained.

“During my studies at Zayed University, I have acquired many skills that helped me advance in my career. I gained more confidence. The store is decorated in a traditional way inspired by the Emirati heritage and culture of the UAE. My aim was to make it a perfect blend of modernity and tradition,” she added.

When asked about her future plans, Khulood said: “ I would like to expand Dukkan’s activities and participate in more events and exhibitions. Also taking entrepreneurship courses that can boost my skills and expand my communication and negotiation strategies.”

Khulood highlighted that Emirati women have the knowledge, creativity and motivation to start their own businesses and lead a successful independent life.  

“The country has provided young entrepreneurs with the convenient environment and the facilities that help them to achieve their goals and attain success in their enterprises. Family support is also a major contributor to the rise of women-owned businesses,” she said.

“Dukkan achieves good revenues and I am extremely happy to serve my Zayed University community,” she added.

It is worth mentioning that Zayed University has organized earlier several entrepreneurship activities and events for students to encourage and activate women’s participation in the nation’s economic development and promote the entrepreneurship spirit amongst young Emiratis.