Zayed University launches the second phase of the CHIP campaign


April 19, 2015

Zayed University’s College of Sustainability and Humanities has launched the second phase of “Creative Healthy Initiatives Project’ (CHIP), which aims to engage students in real-life work experience in the field of health.

Five teams of Zayed University students have started submitting creative concepts and ideas earlier this year. Students have also visited several schools in Dubai to share their health knowledge and enlighten students on health practices that cam help develop a solid health-conscious generation.   

The five groups of students, who have submitted their final portfolio on April 16, have worked on projects that are focused on making healthy and right nutritional choices, enhancing awareness of health diets, promoting childhood wellness and physical activities.  

“CHIP 2 will build on the huge success of CHIP 1 that was launched in September 2013 at Zayed University. The project will offer Zayed University students a unique opportunity to share health knowledge and tips with a huge sector of the UAE community, as part of their research projects,” Dr. Usama Al Alami, Assistant Dean at the College of Sustainability and Humanities and leader of the project, said.

“Students will have to get the most out of their creativity to present their health knowledge in a way that is convincing and impactful,” Al Alami, Associate Professor in Health Sciences at the Department of Natural Science and Public Health, added.

CHIP will be implemented in different participating schools in Dubai such as, Dubai International School, Mirdiff Private School and Zayed University amongst others.

Chris Southgate, Dean of the College of Sustainability and Humanities at Zayed University, said: “CHIP2 has built upon the success of the first CHIP initiative, adding new dimensions to promote healthy living amongst the UAE society. This initiative helps students to put into practice the theoretical knowledge they learn in their courses. CHIP2 will also highlight the College and the University’s commitment towards community engagement.”

The CHIP1 campaign was launched the previous year by the Dubai Health Authority and Zayed University in collaboration with Julphar (Gulf Pharmaceutical Industries).

Eight teams of students were engaged in CHIP1. “To Make My Diet Healthy and Right” was the winning project of the campaign. The project focused on creating maximum awareness among school children of unhealthy eating habits that cause obesity.

“Students, who took part in this exciting campaign, have shown exceptional abilities to meet with deadlines and excel in the quality of work they produce,” Al Alami added.

Depending on the merits of proposals and the creativity involved in presenting them to school students, the jury will choose the winning teams.

Winners will be announced and awarded in a ceremony held at Zayed University’s Dubai camps on May 10.