From Zayed University to Japan


January 20, 2014

Following an invitation from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Dr. Rima Sabban from Zayed University visited a number of educational institutions in Japan, hence meeting the call of the Society which is considered to be one of the most prominent Japanese institutions responsible for supporting research and study reports, and exchanging cultural  experiences and looking at some of the important issues for the Gulf region.

The project came to life following extensive commmunication with a group of academics interested in the Gulf region, and with whom Dr. Sabban has previously collaborated from universities such as Kagawa University, Kyoto University, Osaka University, Bunkyo University, and the University of Tokyo. The project’s initiator was Dr. Naomi Hasoda from the University of Kagawa, and its first phase included an 18-day visit to the University’s campus, located on the Shikoku Island. The program also included many visits to universities, schools and children's homes after school, as well as interviews with working mothers and families, students and professors from different universities visited, and private meetings with Japanese students who are studying or interested in pursuing studies of the Gulf.

Dr. Sabban also gave a number of lectures, and participated in many discussion panels that highlight the role of the UAE in the region and its outsdtanding and ongoing achievements on both the regional and international arenas. She also sought to look closely into the Japanese experience when it comes to recruiting foreign labor, being one of the countries that barely depend on foreign labor.