Zayed University Launches "Ambassadors of Absher" to Promote Private-Sector Work Culture


December 14, 2014

For the second consecutive year, Zayed University has launched a campaign entitled “Private Sector… More than Just a Job”, on its Abu Dhabi and Dubai campuses. The campaign came as part of the “Absher Initiative” to enhance the participation of UAE citizens in the labor market.

The campaign targeted promoting the culture of working in the private sector among students, believing that it shouldn’t be considered at as just a job but rather as part of their participation in leading the pathway to the development and ongoing prosperity of the UAE.

Rashid Al-Shamsi, Director of Students Affairs at the university, noted that the campaign, which lasted for two days, offered students the chance to learn about the privileges and benefits of working in the private sector. He added that this would entitle them to challenge themselves toward a bright career.

Al-Shamsi also praised the new initiative launched by the Students’ Career Office for the first time this year, entitled “Ambassadors of Absher,” which targets the promotion of a number of students who use leadership skills to approach their peers and motivate them to join interesting and encouraging professions in the private sector.

Al-Shamsi concluded by highlighting that “Ambassadors of Absher” initiative will contribute to the foreseeable future in preparing a qualified and experienced generation, well equipped to meet the challenges and keep up with the government's vision in promoting the development plans of the state.