Zayed University female students visit the Secretariat General of Gulf Cooperation Council and discuss memories of Sheikh Zayed


May 5, 2013

During an educational visit, a group of Zayed University students visited the General Secretariat of the Gulf Cooperation Council in Saudi Arabia and met with the Secretary-General and a number of officials in the Secretariat. The visit aimed at closely identifying the goals and achievements of the GCC Council. The trip was an initiative organized under the supervision of the university administration and Dr. Sulaiman Al- Jassim, Vice President of Zayed University, upon a proposal made by Prof. Dr. Rima Al-Sabban, as part of the course covering Economic and Social Trends of the Arab Gulf States and to better introduce students to the role and mechanisms, activities and functions of the Secretariat General, as well as to identify the framework of ​​existing coordination and mutual cooperation among Gulf states.

The students had the chance to familiarize themselves with all functions and facilities of the Secretariat General, to visit the library and learn about the policies and rules of the Secretariat and strategies of Gulf Studies. They also attended a meeting at the Gulf Patents’ Headquarters where they got acquainted with the role of this section in the Secretariat, which revolves mainly around protecting the development of knowledge in the Arabian Gulf.  Students also formed a detailed overview of the successes of the Gulf States and their current and future challenges. 

The group was mostly impressed with the scientific methods and strategic approaches used in the Secretariat General’s operations especially concerning recognition of challenges facing the GCC, which are in accordance with the education subjects and strategies of the students’ education at Zayed University.  Students were also impressed with the qualifications of the GCC officers who answered all their queries.

The students met with His Excellency Dr. Lateef Al-Zayani, Secretary-General of GCC for an hour, during which they discussed a variety of topics including his educational path in Britain in the 70s. H.E Dr. Al-Zayani also reminisced his first meeting with the Nation’s Founder, the late Sheikh Zayed, and praised his exceptional leadership and wisdom.  H.E. Dr. Al Zayani said: “ I still remember Sheikh Zayed’s words about creating an entity connecting all Gulf States.  He was a visionary.  He perceived it early on, and we are today recollecting these moments.”

H.E Dr. Al-Zayani also spoke highly of Zayed University, and wished to further develop this collaboration with the university.