The Society of Professional Journalists student club supports journalists in Iraq


February 8, 2012

Members of “The Society of Professional Journalists” student club at Zayed University Abu Dhabi sent out a wide variety of textbooks and recent specialized journalism publications to Iraqi journalists working in the city of Najaf in an attempt to support their efforts to produce original and accurate news reports, despite the difficult conditions they are enduring.
Having met with Dr. Matt Duffy from Zayed University’s College of Communication and Media Sciences in an academic conference in Beirut, Iraqi journalist Hussain Kaabi approached  “ The Society of Professional Journalists” student club in Zayed University and expressed his colleagues’ desire to receive professional support while in Iraq, in order to enable them to produce solid, objective and independent news reports.
Aisha Al Mazroui, the club’s President and student at Zayed University said: “We are taking this initiative to support our fellow journalists in Iraq, as we aim to consolidate the base of our profession from one end and upgrade their skills and enhance their professional values from another end, all of which is a great added value to our work at the Society of Professional Journalists.