Khalifa Al Nuaimi: between Zayed University and NASA


April 25, 2012

Zayed University Student Khalifa Mussabeh Khalifa Al Nuaimi was the only Arab selected by NASA - amongst 100 participants from all over the world - to spend one week in Huntsville Camp, Alabama, and  take part in an intensive training course on the requirements of becoming an astronaut.  

Khalifa first came to know about this opportunity in Tamyyuz School Al Ain , where he also serves as a Mathematics Teacher. He mentions the school was approached by Boeing Aircraft – on behalf of NASA- who were on the pursuit of an accomplished Sciences or Mathematics teacher who would be able to benefit from this exceptional experience, and bring back learnings and insights to students in the UAE.

With the consent of the Abu Dhabi Education Council, Khalifa embarked on his challenging journey and underwent a strict fitness training and medical examinations then engaged in projects pertaining to space science theory, space ships, and more. Towards the end of his training, Khalifa was awarded the “Right Staff Award” for displaying a high level of commitment, teamwork and initiative.