Christo Javacheff Visits Zayed University Abu Dhabi


 February 14, 2012

Bulgarian-American artist Christo Javacheff visited Zayed University’s new campus in Abu Dhabi and gave a lecture to students and faculty about his unique experience in art creation and implementation, in collaboration with Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage.
Having visited Zayed University earlier last year, Christo is no stranger to Zayed University’s great enthusiasm vis-à-vis art in all its forms. Christo’s talk revolved around his long fruitful 50-year experience as an artist who re-defined the meaning of creative excellence whilst conserving the environment.

Christo and his late wife Jean Claude have long been renowned as pioneers of “environmental” art and have initiated environmental friendly initiatives across the globe. Of these, we mention: the Surrounded Islands, Biscayne Bay in Greater Miami, Florida which consisted of Pink woven polypropylene fabric (6.5 million square feet) floating around eleven islands, and the Umbrellas’ project in both USA and Japan which consisted of creating 1760 umbrellas in the USA and 1340 blue umbrellas in Japan with very specific dimensions- the size of one umbrella totaling exactly the size of a 2-floor house.