40 words for 40 years' workshop with Peter Hassall


November 14, 2011

‏In order to better prepare our Zayed University students to take part in the National Day Tribute organized by Peter Hassall and Zayed University “40 words for 40 years”, a workshop will be conducted on campus tomorrow, November 14th in Lecture Hall I from 12 to 1 pm.
This is your chance to express your feelings of love/gratitude/patriotism and we’ve got professionals ready to assist you: an expert in photography and poetry will be present with Peter and will extend their assistance and advice to all students wishing to take part in this initiative.
Your submissions will be included in next year’s ZU calendar and will be circulated amongst ZU friends. If you are unable to attend, please feel free to register and submit your entries here:  www.50words.org. Please note only ZU students are legible to participate.
Happy Writing!