Dubai Islamic Bank announces completion of first phase of Qiyadee leadership programme


November 21, 2011

Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB) announced that participants in the bank's ongoing Qiyadee leadership programme have successfully completed the first phase of this 36-month course. The programme has targeted talented UAE nationals who seek to pursue a long-term management career at the bank.

This group of aspiring UAE nationals successfully completed an intensive theoretical programme at Zayed University, and will now commence practical applications at DIB, working alongside the bank's managers in a range of key areas. 

In line with its long-term Emiratisation strategy, the Qiyadee programme was introduced in 2006 by DIB, and consists of theoretical and practical courses in the fields of Islamic banking, finance and management. 

Students in this second Qiyadee programme are trained in a range of core business and support functions, thus evolving their skills and knowledge to fulfill managerial positions in fields such as retail banking, corporate banking, wealth management, central operations, information technology and risk management.