Alumni Association

All students who have received their diploma OR a certificate of attestation (prior to graduation) are automatically members of the Association. We support our graduates in different ways, if you have an idea, suggestion, initiative or looking for a service, please contact us here and our team are happy to support you.

Alumni Privileges

We value our graduates and we are working to offer different privileges that makes you proud of being Zayed alumni.

  • Zayed University Alumni e-card

Get your alumni e-card & benefit from different privileges on campus & with external partners

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  • Career Portal

To stay connected with our graduates, we are offering the e-portal, join our portal to engage with our team, stay up to date for different opportunities & benefit from the available resources.

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  • Career Support

Our department collaborate with different entities to offer employment and training opportunities for graduate job seekers.

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  • Alumni LinkedIn Group

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Higher Education

In support of the UAE’s value of lifelong learning, Zayed University encourages its graduates to continue their higher education studies in Master’s degree or PhD programs.

  • Graduate Studies at Zayed University

The impact of graduate studies can be immeasurable and will affect many aspects of a graduate’s life, both professionally and personally. In almost any field of specialization, the advanced skills, knowledge, and opportunities that come with an advanced degree make graduate school a worthwhile investment.  

Zayed University offers students such potential outcomes and these are facilitated by a graduate faculty renowned for their academic credentials and international experience. Further, the graduate programs are ideal for students who intend to maintain their careers while completing their graduate studies through weekend/evening and blended programs.

Even though a person may have completed a Zayed University baccalaureate degree, this does not exhaust the opportunities for a person to develop and grow. Although there are numerous options for alumni to continue their studies in the UAE, there are several reasons for staying at Zayed University for a master’s degree.

  • Continue your Learning Journey at Zayed University

The Deanship of Graduate Studies encourages and supports alumni who have completed  baccalaureate degrees at Zayed University to apply to one of the master degree programs offered in communication, diplomacy and international affairs, finance, information systems management, information technology and cyber security and judicial and legal studies.

As Zayed University’s master’s degree programs provide a strong foundation of management fundamentals and functions, students will have the opportunity to achieve their full potential as an exceptional leader, highly effective manager, and valuable team member during their graduate studies. These opportunities arise through learning from leaders, collaboration, personal development and real-world practice as their studies progress

Alumni Graduate Scholarship

An alumni graduate scholarship valued at 10% is offered to all alumni who have completed baccalaureate degrees with Zayed University and who have received regular admission to a Zayed University master’s degree. Students who apply by regular decision and submit required credentials by the application deadlines posted on the website, will be automatically considered for scholarships at the point of admission.

Connect with Us

Whether you are pursuing a master’s degree or continuing your career, there are a variety of ways you can connect with the Deanship of Graduate Studies online.  If this is done, you will keep up to date with current news and developments such as important deadlines, policy updates, upcoming events and more.

 1. Graduate Blog

The Graduate Blog lists useful articles with tips and insightful advice for those thinking of applying for graduate school. Students also can learn more about how they can get the most out of their graduate studies at Zayed University and hence further advance their career. Recent blogs included:

Gap Year After College: Pros, Cons and How to Take Right Decision

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Top Four Reasons Why You Should Pursue a Master's Degree in 2022

4 Key Advantages of Having a Master’s Degree

Important Factors on How to Choose a University for Graduate Studies in the UAE

Financing Your Graduate Studies - What You Should Know

Four Tips to Successfully Apply for a Scholarship to Further Your Graduate Studies

How to Succeed in Graduate School

Four Tips for Achieving a Work/Life Balance in Graduate School

2. Graduate Post 

The Graduate Post highlights important announcements, latest news and developments, professional development as well as other information on topics of specific interest to current graduate students at Zayed University, including opportunities for engagement. Prospective graduate students can learn more about graduate programs and the exciting research being conducted by Zayed University faculty and graduate students. Profiles of current graduate students, alumni and faculty are also included in the newsletter.

 3. Virtual Events

Many opportunities exist to participate in virtual events and other campus initiatives offered throughout the year by the Deanship of Graduate Studies.  These events are offered in collaboration with different colleges and departments across the institution. Further, a wide range of career and education fairs, conferences, exhibitions, information sessions, seminars, webinars and academic and professional development workshops can be discovered by browsing upcoming events.

Take the Next Step

If you want to inquire or apply for graduate program admission at Zayed University or connect with us, please contact the Deanship of Graduate Studies at +971-2-599-3605 /

Library and Learning Commons 

To know more about the alumni access to the Library and Learning Commons services and resources, please visit this page