Zayed University Alumni Working at ZU

Introducing Samah Shaalan (2009, College of Business Sciences)

We would like to introduce you Samah Shaalan, who graduated in 2009 from the College of Business Sciences with a degree in Human Resource Management.  She uses the knowledge gained as a student now as an employee on the Zayed University Abu Dhabi campus as the Recruitment & UAE National Development Officer in the Human Resources Department.  She started this job in January of 2010 and her responsibilities include all aspects of national recruitment, development and training.  She also works with the HR team for orientation of new employees.

Samah’s advice to current students: Work hard now and remember that your GPA is important.  You can’t just count on having a degree when you go to find a job in the future.  Employers will also want to see that you were a good student.   And, when it comes to finding your first job, don’t worry about money, find something you are interested in doing and develop your skills in it.  Then, once you have the right skills, you have a better chance of finding a position with a higher salary in a field you love.

Samah’s advice to teachers:  Make your classes practical, not just theoretical.  Students need to be able to develop skills that they can use as professionals later in the workforce.

Samah’s favorite experience as a student:  Working on her internship at ZADCO because this was the first time for her to have real work experience.  It helped her to learn how to deal with different types of people of all ages as a professional, along with giving her negotiation skills.

Some things about Samah you might not know:  She is quiet and a good listener.  She loves swimming and learning about new cultures and studying people’s personalities and behaviors.  In the future she hopes to continue developing her skills in HR and move on to positions of greater responsibility.

Samah’s office on the new Abu Dhabi campus is in the administration building -  ADM 1 – 049.   The Alumni Association is proud of Samah and her contribution to Zayed University.

Samah Shaalan