Zayed University Alumni Working at ZU

Introducing Maryam AlNumairy (College of Communication and Media Sciences, 2011)

  • Student Recruitment Officer, Office of Enrollment Management

We would like to introduce you to Maryam AlNumairy, who is a recent graduate of the College of Communication and Media Sciences.  She majored in PR and advertising management.  She was recently hired to work in the Office of Enrollment Management as a student recruiter.

Maryam talks how she got her new job: When I got the job, everyone I knew started asking me how I ended up working in ZU. The answer is I never  knew I will be working for ZU until the day Dr.Adel Jendli ( one of my former teachers that taught me in CCMS) called me and asked me if I am interested in the job, and I immediately said YES! It was a great opportunity for me, I just couldn't refuse it.

Maryam’s experience as a student: My years at ZU were the most precious years of my life. ZU gave me a lot, and taught me things that will not only help me in my future career, but also  in my personal life. I am not the same girl who was a freshman at ZU a few years ago. My years at this university made me stronger, more sophisticated, and more confident. You see, being a student in ZU is not just about going through the courses and passing the subjects and handing out your assignments on time. It's more than that. Being a student in ZU is about polishing your personality, learning how to deal with different people from different backgrounds, learning how to work as a team and how to be a leader. It builds your skills, your character, and your abilities. You might not realize it now, but as you graduate from ZU, you feel that you've grown up. You feel that you've accomplished something not just academically, but personally. For myself, I got to know a lot of amazing people during my years in ZU, and I ended up with a great amount of friends that I call until now for sure. They will forever be in my life and I forever be connected to them. 

Student life:  Since I was a student in CCMS, I got to do a lot of volunteering  and be part of events that I never thought I will even attend. I participated several times in Dubai International Film Festival, the Arab Media Forum, WAGL, and worked closely with Dubai Press Club where I gained I a lot of experience and personal connections. It is so great to get the opportunity to be in such places and be part of such events. You feel like you're making a difference and you're part of your country's history. We've worked very hard, me and my classmates, inside and outside of the university. We took what we learned from ZU and we didn't limit ourselves to our classes. We took our knowledge and applied it in many events and places where we volunteered. It was the right thing to do and it will definitely help us in our careers.

Challenges of university life:  Students complain about how hard is ZU, but come on! It is a university and a good one too. It's supposed to be difficult, otherwise how will the students build their knowledge and their personalities, and how will they come to depend on themselves by the time they're graduating? it won't be called one of the best universities in the U.A.E. if it wasn't a bit difficult. University education is a challenge and students should try to cope with it and face this challenge to be able to reach their goals. 

Keys to success: The keys to success in ZU from my perspective are to be organized and manage your time carefully, and to finish your work on time and don’t keep things to the last minute.  If you don't do that, you will stress yourself and make your teacher angry.  Your GPA is sacred in ZU, so try to keep it up and never go below 2.0.

Maryam says that she is looking forward to her work in ZU, and I hope by that I will be giving just a little back to my beloved university. 

Maryam’s office is on the Dubai campus in the Office of Enrollment Management.

The Alumni Association is happy to have Maryam at Zayed University representing all graduates as she tells her story and talks with potential future students about all the possibilities available to them at ZU.

Maryam AlNumairy