Zayed University Alumni Working at ZU

Introducing Huda Hassan  (College of Communication & Media Sciences, 2004)

  • Curriculum Resource Center Technician in the Library on the Dubai Campus

We would like to introduce you to Huda Hassan, who graduated in 2004 from the College of Communication and Media Sciences.  She is a working mother and  has been working in the Curriculum Resource Center in the Dubai Campus Library since November of 2004.  She enjoys her work in the library because she is able to help students by answering their questions.  She understands that students are often shy to ask questions and can tell when someone needs something by looking at them.  She also enjoys participating in ZU committees and attending library conferences, visiting book fairs  and chaperoning students on trips.

Huda’s experience as a student: Huda says that at ZU she met people who have become lifelong friends.  While at ZU she learned to deal with people from different cultures and backgrounds.  She worked on a lot of projects  during her time as a student. The most important project was her Capstone project .  As part of the project they produced a film, theatre play and a magazine.  She still has copies of the magazine and plans to share them with her children some day. Graduation was one of Huda’s favorite experiences at ZU. She felt honored to be a bachelor degree holder from Zayed University.

Huda’s advice to students: Obtain as much work experience around campus as you can. There are plenty of opportunities to introduce yourself to the work life prior to graduation. When Huda was a student, she worked as a peer tutor.

How things are different for Huda as a ZU employee than as a student:  She says students are often shy and don’t feel comfortable with the teachers at first, especially males.  They often don’t feel comfortable asking questions, and don’t understand what the expectations are and might be afraid to ask.  This might be their first experience dealing with westerners or men.  But, now as an employee, she is used to dealing with people from all different kinds of backgrounds, and has to interact with them as part of her job.

Huda’s future goals:   Huda would like to get her Master’s in Education from ZU in the future and continue working in an educational institute helping to develop and support students in learning.

Something you might now about Huda:  She loves to travel, especially long-distance travel.  She finds it relaxing to be able to spend time reading, watching movies or just spending time with her family on the airplane.  Her dream destination is Disneyland.

Huda’s office is located on the Dubai Campus in the Library Curriculum Resource Center on the first floor.

The Alumni Association thanks Huda for her dedication to Zayed University and helping students to learn.

Huda Hassan