Zayed University Alumni Working at ZU

Introducing Bushra AlRoken (College of Business Sciences, 2007)

Current Position: External Affairs Specialist

We would like to introduce you to Bushra AlRoken, who graduated in 2007 from the College of Business Sciences with a concentration in Accounting.  She is currently working as an External Affairs Specialist in the Office of Development and External Affairs on the Dubai Campus.

An activity-oriented person, she started as student at Zayed University in 2003 and spent as she says “six memorable years full with excitements, accomplishments and creativity.”  During her time spent at ZU, she volunteered with various clubs including the Student Council of which she was the President. 

Bushra in her final year as a ZU student secured a place in a highly competitive training program at the Dubai Financial Service Authority – DIFC, where she learned from experts from all over the world about risk management, law, and the latest financial tools.  Upon graduation in 2007, Bushra joined the finance department at Emarat (one of the largest suppliers of petroleum products in the northern UAE).

However, she says her “passion to ZU brought her back a year later to join the External Affairs Department in 2009 as the External Affairs Specialist.”  Working at ZU has given her the chance to widen her knowledge beyond event planning in a totally new and interesting field - endowments. She enjoys working with the other members of her department. She feels that “the team has been able to achieve outstanding goals, and the word ‘impossible’ has been erased from their dictionary.”

Bushra’s advice to students:  Never confine your university life to the classes and the degree. Although your GPA and knowledge will play an essential role in your future, you also need to enhance your social skills. Explore as much as you can and let your curiosity lead you. Never hesitate to volunteer in all different kinds of activities and events as it will help you discover your hidden talents and capabilities.

Bushra’s favorite experience as a student: “ Being around my 22 teammates in the Student Council for 24/7, when we stayed in Abu Dhabi for a whole week as part of the WAGL committee. It was the most enjoyable experience ever. Although we had a tight schedule from 6 am to midnight (with only a 2 hour break) we’d always find some time here and there for tricks. One of the hilarious tricks the girls did was playing the X-O game late at night on my face while sleeping (without me knowing). They even drew a mustache and Frankenstein eyebrows on my face. I sure will never forget the SHOCK & SCREAM while entering the restroom in the early morning with the first glimpse in the mirror.   It was an unforgettable day!!”

Something about Bushra you might not know:  She adores I adore ordering from new caterers. So, if you know any GOOD ones please let her know.

Bushra’s office is located on the Dubai Campus in the Administration Building on the first floor in the Office of Development and External Affairs.  Feel free to stop by anytime and say hello and have a chat.

The Alumni Association is proud of Bushra and her commitment to her work at Zayed University. 

Bushra AlRoken