Introducing Ayesha AlSaadi (College of Education and Information Technology, 2006)

  • Head,  Abu Dhabi Campus Vice President’s Office

We would like to introduce you to Ayesha AlSaadi, who graduated in 2006 with a joint degree in Education and Technology.  In 2010, Ayesha also  received a Masters in Educational Leadership from Zayed University.  She is currently working as the Head of the Abu Dhabi Campus Vice President’s Office.   She really enjoys her work at Zayed University as it is a professional environment with no set routine.  Her job involves interacting with the local community, along with managing all the operations of the VP office in Abu Dhabi including being involved in major events  and organizing schedules for visiting delegations.

As a student she was a Student Ambassador and the President of the Education Club.  She choose education as one of her major areas of study because she wanted to be a teacher for boys or special needs students.  She felt that this was an occupation in an interesting field where she could help influence people and see the outcomes of her work.

When she finished her studies in June 2006, she was nominated by the Dean of College of Education  to join ZU as the Administrative Officer in the VP Office in Abu Dhabi.  It was a challenge at first because she was a new graduate. Over the past five years the activities and responsibilities of the Vice President's Office have increased in proportion to the visibility of the university in the community.

What is different today than when Ayesha was a student: The difference between today’s ZU students and when she was a student is that there are a lot more opportunities available to them for creative activities and support services.  Students are much more tech-savey.   They really have access to all the information they need to become more independent learners.

Ayesha’s advice to students:  Enjoy your time at Zayed University. Take advantage of everything that it has to offer. Be an active member in ZU community. Get involved in the clubs and activities or simply create your own!

Things you might not know about Ayesha:  She enjoys reading novels in Arabic and really likes sports cars.  She loves traveling and hopes one day to take a road trip in the United States with her best friend.

Ayesha’s office on the new Abu Dhabi campus is on the second floor of the administration building  - ADM-02-049.

The Alumni Association is proud of Ayesha and the significant contribution she makes to the community and the university through her work at Zayed University!

Ayesha AlSaadi