Zayed University Alumni Working at ZU

Introducing Arwa AlNauimi (College of Information Technology, 2010)

Current Position: Administrative Assistant, College of Information Technology

We would like to introduce you to Arwa AlNauimi, who graduated in 2010 from the College of Information Technology with a concentration in Information Security and Network Technology.  She is currently working as the Administrative Assistant in the College of Information Technology, but started her career with ZU as a circulation assistant in the library in September of 2010.  Her favorite thing about her current position is helping students with their problems which are mostly related to scheduling, and, of course, working with the faculty members in her department.  All of which she says are very nice.

Arwa’s memory of her first day at ZU:  Arwa began her studies in Level 3 in the Academic Bridge Program.  On her first day she remembers being sad and confused because she couldn’t find her classroom.  She says someone from Student Services finally helped her, but she went home that first night and told her father she didn’t want to continue studying at Zayed University because she felt lost there.

Arwa’s favorite memory of ZU:  Finding out she had passed the TOEFL and the IELTS on the same day.

Arwa’s most noticeable characteristic:  Persistence.  She took the TOEFL fifteen times before finally achieving the score necessary to move onto the general education program.  And, when it came to looking for a job, she had four interviews with different departments at ZU before finally getting a job with the library. Arwa is a great example of not letting small setbacks get in the way of what you want to do.

Arwa’s future goals:  Arwa has applied to be a student in one of the new graduate programs at Zayed University-Master of Executive Masters in Public Administration (EMPA).  She was married six months ago and hopes in the future along with increasing responsibility in her career (either teaching or managing in her field), she will have children and be able to provide a good family life for them. 

Arwa’s office on the new Abu Dhabi campus is in the FF 2 building on the ground floor – FF2-0-073.

The Alumni Association is proud of Arwa. She is a good example for all students that perseverance pays off.  We wish lots of luck to her in her future studies and family life.

Arwa AlNauimi