Finding a job and making the most of your experiences are important during your professional development path. The Student Careers Office Team has put together information and advice for you to refer to as you continue your journey beyond the university and into the workforce. (See the topics listed on the right side of this page.)

Remember to take advantage of all the knowledge around you. Talk to family members, other alumni, friends, faculty and staff. Ask questions! Listen, learn, and be prepared to create your future. As you gain experience and knowledge, be willing to share. Just as you value help today be there to assist others tomorrow. Take your role as an alumni member seriously.

HH Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan said:

Work is of great importance, and of great value in building both individuals and societies. The size of a salary is not a measure of the worth of an individual. What is important is an individuals sense of dignity and self-respect. We look forward in the future to seeing our sons and daughters playing a more active role broadening their participation in the process of development and shouldering their share of the responsibilities, especially in the private sector, so as to lay the foundations for the success of this participation and effectiveness.


Good luck and we hope you will take advantage of the information provided here.

Workshops for Alumni- Abu Dhabi

Upcoming workshops for Alumni to develop their skills when searching for employment.  This take place on Thursdays on the Zayed University, Khalifa City campus.

February 23, 2012 - Interview Skills Workshop

Upcoming Topics for Workshops

Building and Developing Professional Networks

Increasing Confidence and Dealing with Nervousness at Interview

Effective Job Search Strategies