Do you want to continue learning?  You can still take courses at Zayed University as a graduate.  You won’t receive credit for the course, but will increase your experience.  Maybe you’d like to learn more about Photoshop, Business Finance, or Drawing.

As an Alumni of Zayed University, you can audit (take for no credit) one course per semester if there is space available in the class. 

If you want to take a course you need to:

  • Look in the course catalogue to find a the class you want to take.
  • Fill in the Request to Audit form.
  • Get the signature and permission of the instructor.
  • Take the form to the Registrar's office.

The following conditions apply in order to audit a course: 

  • There is space available in the course (no permission to audit will be given until all current students have registered for courses).
  • The instructor agrees to take the petitioner as an Audit student and reaches agreement with her as to her work obligations to complete the course satisfactorily.
  • If there is an audit fee, it must be paid before the petitioner is permitted to audit the course.

Normally, you will be permitted to audit only ONE course in a semester or term.

Satisfactory completion of the course will be indicated on the graduate’s transcript by the grade “AU” (Audit).


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