Alumni Association

All students who have received their diploma OR a certificate of attestation (prior to graduation) are automatically members of the Association. We support our graduates in different ways, if you have an idea, suggestion, initiative or looking for a service, please contact us here and our team are happy to support you.

Alumni Privileges

We value our graduates and we are working to offer different privileges that makes you proud of being Zayed alumni.

  • Zayed University Alumni e-card

Get your alumni e-card & benefit from different privileges on campus & with external partners

To apply for Alumni E-card click here.

         To know more on how you can activate your account, please follow this guide.   

  • Career Portal

To stay connected with our graduates, we are offering the e-portal, join our portal to engage with our team, stay up to date for different opportunities & benefit from the available resources.

To Reactivate your alumni account, please click here 

         To know more on how you can activate your account, please follow this guide.   


  • Career Support

Our department collaborate with different entities to offer employment and training opportunities for graduate job seekers.

To know more how our employment team can assist you, please visit this link.

  • Alumni LinkedIn Group

Join our exclusive LinkedIn group to be up -to- date with various job & professional development opportunities. Please click here. (You will be moved to an external website)

Higher Education

Supporting the UAE value of Lifelong education, we encourage our graduates to continue their higher studies in Masters programs or PhD

  • Zayed University Alumni Scholarship

If you would like to continue your studies by joining Zayed University master programs, please contact Deanship of Graduate Studies to know more about this offer through the following email  

  • Other Scholarship opportunities

To know more about different scholarship providers, please visit this page. (You will be moved to an external website)