Admission FAQs

General questions about university

Why is being accredited important to me?

Being accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, means  that ZU courses are recognized internationally and are highly regarded. This means that your degree is recognized not only in the UAE, but also internationally and therefore you can get transfer credit if you study abroad.

How can I apply for an undergraduate program?

I got my high school certificate several years ago. Can I join ZU?

You can apply for admission if your high school certificate has been issued within 10 years of the admission date. However, the priority of admission is given to student who graduate from high school recently.

I am currently a student at HCT/UAEU, can I transfer to ZU?

You are eligible to transfer to ZU if you:

  • are in good academic standing (GPA of 3.0 or higher for some colleges)

  • have a valid English score of EMSAT 1250 or IELTS of 5.5 + or an TOEFL iBT of 71+

  • meet the high school admission requirements of the program you are transferring to

Can I transfer credits from another institution?

Yes credit hours earned at accredited institutions are transferable, only if there are comparable courses at the program the student will join, the course was achieved with a grade of C or higher, and the course was completed less than 5 years of the credit evaluation date.

You must attach the following documents to your application:

  • Official transcript from the other university

  • Grading system and its explanation

  • Detailed course outlines, including course descriptions for all subjects, completed at the other university

I have a UAE passport but not a National ID/family book, can I apply to ZU as a national student?

Students without a National ID/family book are still welcome to apply as international students. However, you will be charged tuition fees (2500 per credit hour).

If I select HCT or UAEU as my first choice in the NAPO application, can I later change my mind?

Yes, you can but you need to do the online transfer request from your portal on the MOE system before the preference change deadline. Please refer to the guidelines at the MOE website.

When Can I apply?

You can enroll every semester FALL or SPRING .Please check our website for Application deadlines

When and how I will be informed of the admission decision?

  • By the end of July / beginning of August for Fall semester

  • By end of December / beginning of January for Spring semester

  • You will receive a message from the MOE followed by an email and SMS message from ZU.

  • International students will be contacted individually by our Admission team.

Is it true that ZU has male and female students?

ZU has three campus as follows:

  • AUH Male campus

  • AUH Female campus

  • DXB Female campus

Does ZU provide transportation?

ZU does not provide transportation. Student Affairs Department can provide information about companies to contact  for transportation.

Does ZU provide accommodation?

ZU does not provide accommodation for National students.  Accommodation is only available for international students at Abu Dhabi Campus.

Will I study in Arabic or English?

ZU is an English medium university but if you are a non-Arabic speaker you are required to take an Arabic for foreigners course.

Who will teach me – male or female faculty?

You will be taught by both Male and Female faculty members.

How do I get to know more about Zayed University?

In the week prior to the start of classes, all new students attend a comprehensive orientation program. You can also check ZU website at: or email the admission team at or

If I have questions or not sure about my applications, how can I contact you?

Please email us your inquiry using one of the following email addresses. We will respond within 48 working hours:

Why my friend was accepted while I did not receive any feedback on my application?

Please check your application page on the MOE portal. Usually pending applications are missing one of the following:

  • Missing personal documents

  • Family book or passport scan are not clear or not completed

  • Missing attested certificates for grade 10, 11, &12 (for non-UAE curriculum)

  • Missing equivalency certificates for grade 12 or pre-conditional equivalency letter (for non-UAE curriculum)

How to apply for Equivalency letter?

I am currently in military service and I do not have an application on NAPO system can I apply to ZU?

Yes, you can apply through the MOE portal when admission is open:

What are ZU admission requirements?

Please view our admission requirements chart page on ZU website here.

How can I get my EMSAT Result?

Your results will be posted on your EmSAT portal. You can also email the EmSAT office at