Substantial Equivalency

The College of Arts and Creative Enterprises holds NASAD Substantial Equivalency

Reviews of art and design programs leading to degrees and other credentials at all levels are conducted by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD) upon request by institutions outside the United States and its territories. While these reviews follow evaluative policies and procedures used for accreditation, no accreditation action is taken, nor is there any inference that a program is undergoing an accreditation review or will be accredited as a result of such review. The activity is a process in which NASAD, through selected representatives, conducts a program review which may lead to an assessment of substantial equivalency of the program under review with accredited programs in the United States.

Substantial equivalency refers only to educational programs, including all resources associated with the delivery of educational programs, and means comparable in program content and educational experience. However, such programs may not be absolutely identical in format or method of delivery. It implies reasonable confidence that graduates possess the competencies expected of those holding particular U.S. degrees and credentials, or needed to begin professional practice at the entry level.