Zayed University is an educational center of excellence in an emerging and evolving nation.  Zayed University was founded for UAE National women in 1998, with campuses in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Today, the university is educating approximately 9000 male and female students from 19 countires to compete and thrive in a global environment. The institution uses the Assessment of Student Learning, Accreditation, and Program Review, as its tripartite approach to Educational Effectiveness.

Educational Effectiveness

Accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, the university's programs are recognized internationally as coming from a quality assured university. As part of its vision to become a leading regional university with high academic standards, Zayed University has committed itself since its founding to the effective assessment and improvement of student learning. This commitment is grounded in the Zayed University Academic Program Model (APM), a scaffolding of institution-wide (ZULOs) and major-specific outcomes (MALOs) that extend across the entire undergraduate curriculum.

Zayed University maintains the effectiveness and the quality of its programs through continual evaluation and assessment.  Regular program review and specialized accreditation of programs helps to maintain the high educational standards of the institution.  The knowledged gained through self-study and program evaluation is used to help improve and maintain the curriculum's educational effectiveness.

Excellence in Assessment designee