Wael Al-Sayegh

"Wael Al-Sayegh is a talented and ambitious young man from the United Arab Emirates. His entry into the world of literature comes from a love and wide experience of reading, in both Arabic and English. This includes literary writing, as well as biographies of people from all walks of life, in the Arab world and elsewhere. Wael is especially interested in the lives of anyone who has walked along the road less traveled. His work reflects influences from Arabic and Western culture, which allows the reader to experience a creative and original take on the subjects and ideas present in his writing. Wael’s medium is free verse, which allows space for his mind to glide along diverse paths. Wael has published two books of poetry in English: "A Poet's Oud" and "I Often Wonder". "There is an Elephant in the Majlis” is his third collection, and is published in Arabic and English."

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